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4 Popular Types Of Jib Cranes Design

When buying a jib crane it is very important to consider the jib cranes design. The best jib crane is bought by considering the jib cranes design and jib crane specifications. JIB CRANES normally come as floor mounted cranes, but they can also be attached to a wall or the  side of a machine. So depending on the type, jib cranes can be classified into different types as describe below depending on the cranes structure and suitable and used in different environments and purposes.

1. Free Standing Jib Cranes

freestanding jib crane

freestanding jib cranes

Free standing Jib Cranes are directly fixed on the floor without any support to keep it upright. To maintain it’s stability and not topple over it you fix it to a foundation of 3 to 5 feet deep and up to 4 to 10 feet square foundation base. The foundation depends on the load and reach. Advantage of this type of crane is it doesn’t need a support wall or structure and provides optimal range of span and control compare to wall mounted cranes and other types of Jib cranes. The picture here shows a 2 ton free standing jib crane used in a yard environment.

2. Wall Mounted Jib Cranes

wall mounted jib cranes

wall mounted jib cranes

Like the name suggests this kind of jib crane is fitted onto the wall. It requires very little headroom, so it can be fitted very close to the underside of roofs etc. to provide maximum lift for your hoist. The coverage like other types of cranes is circular and generally around 20 feet. But it requires a strong wall or column structure to fit it and degree of rotation is lesser than that of Mast style and Free standing jib cranes. This cranes is very efficient way to move material when floor space is not available and digging a foundation for the crane is not feasible.

3. Wall Bracket Jib Cranes

wall bracket jib cranes

wall bracket jib cranes

This crane is similar to wall mounted jib cranes but with a bracket. It’s a most economical means of providing hoist coverage for individual use in bays, along walls or columns of plants. The installation requirements and load and rotation is like the wall mounted crane. Used a lot for swinging around obstacles and over obstructions.

4. Mast Style Jib Cranes

mast type jib cranes

mast type jib cranes

This is similar to free-standing jib cranes but doesn’t need a special foundation making it more economical. But they do require mounting at the top and bottom. They also provide a full 360 degree rotation jibs depending on the manufacturer and maximum amount of lift with full use of available headroom and allows specific placement of boom to clear obstructions.

In addition to these there are some other types of Jib cranes and jib cranes designs too like the wall travelling, workstation cranes, portable jib cranes and articulating jib cranes.

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2000LB Swivel Hoist Truck Jib Crane For Trucks & Trailers

The 2000LB Swivel Lift Hoist Truck PickUp Crane Davit 1 TON jib crane. If you are looking for a good jib crane which can lift 1000lb to 2000lb or around 1ton loads for your pickup truck bed, trailer, then the 2000lb Davit 1TON jib crane is great product for the money you pay. Here are some photos with the crane specifications and descriptions of various aspects of the sold by Pro-Line Trading Corp through Amazon. It is a heavy duty crane with a red power coated finish. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 2000lbs with a max lift height of 94.5” inches and minimum lifting height of 22.8 inches. You got a rotation range of 360° degrees with a max. lifting radius of 52” and min.35.4” lifting radius. The shipping weight of this crane is 115 pounds and shipped by Pro-Line Trading Corp. 1706 Potrero Ave. South El Monte, CA.

swivel hoist crane

This is well made crane for the money you pay. With a durable power coated red finish and folding ability to fit and transport in truck bed and trailers it is an automotive type crane ideal for the bed of your truck.

folded jib crane2000lb jib crane

Lift has a bearing in the base to allow it to be easily swiveled while lifting a load. The base is permanently bolted to the truck or trailer bed with the main lift part removable when not in use.

folded jib crane

The crane can be folded when not in use, for transport and ease of use giving you space in the pickup truck bed or trailer and not obstructing or being a safety hazard.

Most jib cranes like this will not lift 2000 pounds plus it’s easy to install, well built strong crane, easy to use mount and the price of it is reasonable.checkout product

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Good, Affordable 1000 Pound Pickup Truck Crane

Here is a pickup truck crane that is affordable, made by a reputed company and has enough lifting and swivel ability to satisfy the lifting needs of most pickup truck users. Its called the  1000-Lb. Capacity Northern Industrial Pickup Truck Crane. For reasons we will look into below we at Best Jib Cranes think this is a good and cheap crane for pickup trucks. (To see its latest discounted price check this page).

Pickup Truck CraneThis pickup truck mountable crane has the capacity to lift a maximum load of 1000 pounds or around half a ton. Its boom can extend from 37 inches to 51 inches and comes with Lockpin set screws. It can lift 1000 lbs. when the boom is fully retracted and 500 lbs. when the boom is fully extended. You get a hydraulic ram in it that provides lifting power. The 360° degree pivots  in base allows for easy loading and turning. A 10 by 10 inch wide base allows you to bolt this crane into the truck bed. Manufacturer Warranty is 12 months parts/12 months labor.

Northern Tool + Equipment is the manufacturer of this hydraulic pickup truck crane.  They are a reputed tools and equipment manufacturer with their World headquarters in Burnsville, Minnesota, USA. Furthermore, they have been making this kind of cranes and tools since 1981 and have a good name for making quality controlled, standard tools.

If you are planning on mounting this or for that matter any other pickup crane on to the bed of the truck, its better to install either a large plate or a supporting mechanism underneath the truck bed. That will prevent your truck bed getting bent or damaged under the strain while lifting heavy weights.

The crane base will be bolted to wherever you mount it. The rounded flange is to attach a cylinder that slides into the base. When not in use, you can easily lift the crane up and slide it out of the base. (You can get a PVC cap to cover the base when not in use, so you don’t have water or debris getting into the base.)

Here are its features at a glance for easy reference.

  • Lifts 1000 lbs. fully retracted; 500 lbs. fully extended
  • Boom extends from 37in. to 51in.
  • Pivots 360° in base for easy loading
  • Hydraulic ram provides lifting power
  • Lockpin set screws

Some users have complained that the crane is a little hard to rotate under relatively heavy loads. However they agree it does a good job, specially when considering the price. This 1000 pound truck crane is sold and shipped by the manufacturers (Northern Tool & Equipment) themselves through this online sales page.

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How To Choose Jib Cranes Design

Jib cranes are manufactured for a variety of applications in variety of crane designs, types and sizes. One jib crane design that is suitable for one type of job will not be the best crane for another job requiring a jib crane. So when buying a jib crane you have to choose careful and buy the most appropriate jib crane on sale in the market. Otherwise you will be wasting your money, time and resources trying to get a job done because of buying a wrong jib crane design. Selecting the best commercial jib crane design for your work is easy when you understand the jib crane specifications.

Structural Beam Jib Crane Suitable For Most Applications.

The structural beam jib crane design is suitable for most applications requiring a jib crane. This jib crane design is very a versatile and heavy duty crane and can be floor free standing beam crane or insert mounted jib. They can be used to perform tasks beneath large bridge and gantry cranes and therefore they are often used in dock loading and assembly productions. There are several types of structural beam jib cranes available and they also come as light duty cranes for smaller tasks saving money and power as well as the regular heavy duty jibs.
Workstation Jib Cranes Are Economical And Versatile Cranes
Industry leading jib crane manufacturers like Spanco jib cranes and Gorbel jib cranes offer freestanding and wall cantilever workstation jib cranes that are lighter than traditional jib cranes and easy to install and use in work places. These workstation jib cranes are lighter than the traditional jibs and less expensive than a structural beam jib crane. They are also easy to install because can also be bolted into place directly without foundations. Perfect for working in a circular area and jib manufacturers like Gorbel make some great quality workstation jibs with 100 pounds to 1000 pounds crane lifting capacity.

Moving Loads with Articulating Jib Cranes Design

When you want to shift loads around corners and columns or reach into containers and machinery articulating jib cranes is your ideal crane partner. Manufactured in all types of jib crane designs like freestanding articulating jib cranes, bridge mounted articulating jibs, wall mount, and ceiling mount jib cranes, these articulating jib cranes can reach things other jib cranes can’t. You can also find articulating jibs that span about 15 feet and rotate 360 degree, very versatile.

Save Money With No Footing Jibs Or Foundationless Jib Cranes

Sometimes foundations for cranes can cost as much or more than the crane itself, so foundationless jib designs are a very useful speciality industrial jib crane type. These no footing jibs can save you a lot of money while providing the same service as a jib crane with a foundation. Plus no foundation for the crane means they are easy to move from location to location and save money installing again.

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Jib Cranes – How Versatile A Tool For Lifting Materials

The jib crane is a great option for a versatile, inexpensive and effective crane. It is composed of a boom (horizontal beam) that then supports a movable hoist. Its design is such that it can be mounted to the wall, to a truck or freestanding. They are commonly found on industrial premises, docks and even attached to military vehicles. Some of the top brands include Gorbel, Vestil and Crane Equipment and Service (CES).

Jib cranes provide a convenient lift option. They can vary from a small wall mount that lifts around 50 pounds, to a floor mount that can lift up to 5 tons. They are effective for a number of uses.

The jib crane design is such that it can be mounted in a variety of ways. They can be fit to a wall, allowing for a variety of height positioning. They can be mounted freestanding, where they are mounted to the floor, convenient for factories and docks. Since they provide the choice of a smaller size, they can also be attached to vehicles and boats, allowing for a mobile lift option. The design makes them one of the most versatile options that can be purchased.

When looking for the right brand, there are a number to choose from. Some of the top brands include Gorbel, Vestil and CES. Gorbel cranes has been around since the late 1970s, where they started out specializing in this area and are now one of the top manufacturers. Vestil cranes is a large manufacturer in Indiana, making it a great distributor to the industrial sector. CES consolidated a number of manufacturers, which includes Abell-Howe.

A jib crane is affordable and convenient and can meet a large variety of tasks. They are a great option with the versatility given from the design and the large amount of brand names to choose from, including Gorbel, Vestil and CES.


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1 Ton Vestil Wall Mounted Jib Crane for Low Ceiling Industrial Use

Here is a 1 Ton or 2000 lb wall mounted jib crane for sale. It is made by Vestil jib cranes a very popular crane and industrial equipment manufacturer. The price of this crane is at US $671.00. The shipping weight of this jib is 376 pounds.

wall mounted jib craneIn the case of this particular 2000 pound jib or 1 Ton Vestil wall mounted jib crane the manufacturer claims it is ideal for use in areas with low ceilings. This jib crane has a full 180 degree rotation ability so it is usable in most applications within the place it is fixed. Plus it has precision tapered bearing for jib boom rotation. Wall mounted jib cranes of this same model is available with lesser lifting capacities such as 300, 600 and 1000 pound jibs.

As you know wall mounted jib cranes or jib cranes that are fixed to the walls are one of several kinds popular and useful jib cranes design that are available for industrial and construction use today. These wall mounted jib cranes require very little headroom, so it can be fitted very close to the underside of low ceiling or factory roof and get the maximum lift for your hoist. cranes is very efficient way to move material when floor space is not available and digging a foundation for the crane is not feasible. However the rotation ability of a wall mounted jib crane is less than that of a mast style jib crane or free standing jib crane.

This wall mounted jib crane is made to industry standard OSHA, ANSI and CMAA specifications and comes with a blue painted final finish. As with all wall mounted jib cranes you must ensure this jib unit is properly installed according to instruction and requirements and floor and wall strength is adequate to support this jib crane’s usage.

If you want to buy this crane you can also order it online through for 671 dollars. Check Amazon sales page at Wall Mounted Jib Crane for Low Ceilings – 2000-Lb. Capacity, Model No. JIB-LC-20

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Truck Jib Crane – 1000 Pound Manual Winch Truck Bed Crane

If you have a pickup truck there are times you can’t lift or a load is to heavy to lift onto your pickup truck bed. At such times what do you do? There are many options like calling for more helpful hands for the job. But this won’t do when you have to lift unliftable loads or things all the time. For such times you will find it very useful in the long run to invest a little and buy one of the suitable an fitting jib cranes from the numerous jib cranes available in the market today for pickup truck bed mounting or truck trailer mounting.

Say you are looking for a suitable 1000 Pound Manual Winch truck jib crane say for your Ford F150 truck bed or any for any other kind of pickup truck or even a trailer bed crane? Then you are going to find this 1000 Pound Manual Winch operated Pickup Truck Bed or trailer mounted jib Crane described here worth investigating.

truck jib craneI came across this jib crane on online shopping store industrial and scietific use equipment section. It’s sold there by a Amazon registered merchant called Global Industrial which is a company that sells jib cranes through amazon as well as many other online sites.

The sellers have described this jib crane as a Winch Operated Pickup, Trailer & Truck Jib Crane 1000 Lb. Capacity with a Price of US $229.00. It weight 125 pounds only so mounted in your truck bed and transport very easily.

Global’s Product description for this crane says the Crane rotates 360 degrees to access items from all sides and telescopic boom extends reach for greater versatility. And this pickup truck bed mounted crane offers convenient hand crank winch that you need to operate that raises or lowers the lifting hook, while hand pump lifts the boom and a Steel construction with chip-resistant finish. (There are several kinds of electric powered truck mounted jib cranes but they are more expensive.)

The jib cranes lift hook has safety latch.’ winch cable. 10-1/2″ x 10-1/2″ base plate has pre-drilled holes for easy mounting. You can mount jib crane directly to the bed of truck or trailer for easy product loading and unloading.

Image from amazon seller page of this crane.

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